Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Register, Deposit, Withdrawal.

How to register?

Please see this article: How to register OKEBET member.

How to log in?

After register, please go to to log in.

How to cash in?

Please see this article: How to cash in.

How much is the minimum cash in?

The minimum cash in is ₱100.

How to cash out?

Please see this article: How to cash out.

How much is the minimum cash out?

The minimum cash out is ₱100.

How long does it take to deposit?

The process of withdrawal usually takes 20-60 minutes to arrive in your account.

What are kind of Withdrawal method?

One Gcash/ Grabpay/ bank card only need to add it once.
You can have up to 10 withdrawal methods.

Why do we need to contact Union Bank to verify our withdrawal?

In OKBET system its already successful going to your bank provider wich is UNIONBANK then Union Bank will send to your Gcash the amount you withdrawn.

What is the reason for the withdrawal failure?

Gcash limit
Because Gcash has a limit on the receipt of the same day, when the withdrawal amount is full, it cannot be withdrawn unless another Gcash is used.
Gcash Error
Gcash data content is incorrect or missing, please correct the content by yourself
Not complete 1x valid bet
If a member deposits ₱100, the code amount must reach ₱100 before the gold can be withdrawn.
1x turnover mean that your valid bet need to met 1 times of your deposit amount
For example, if you deposit 1000, your valid bet need to over 1000 in order to cash out.
Noted: valid bet doesn’t mean win or lose.

Games, Account, Wallet.

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Please try our back-up domain.
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What’s different between with total bet and valid bet?

Total bet: A record of all bets, payout or not
Valid bet: Some games have what is called a draw, when there is no payout action this can be called void bet

Why does the balance not appear in my wallet?

Once you enter the game automatically your balance will transfer there, and if you want balance to return to the main wallet just click the game wallet and click transfer back.

How to check the balance of the main wallet and game wallet?

We use multiple wallet systems, main wallet and game wallets. You can transfer it between wallets.
step 1: Click “ME”

step2:Click “Game Wallets”

Then will show “Main Wallet Balance” and “Game wallets”

How to transfer balance to game wallet?

Srep1: Click Game Wallet

Step2: Enter the amount to be transferred

How to transfer back to main wallet?

step 1: Click “ME”

step2:Click “Game Wallets”

Instruction video:

Reward, Bonus, Promotion

How to get a level upgrade reward?

You should bet enough valid bet to full % bar, then will get reward.

How to get weekly rewards and monthly rewards?
“Weekly Rewards”: Needs to be clicked by members to claim them, and a 7-day countdown will begin after receiving them (the amount of weekly rewards that can be claimed is the current level, and cannot be claimed cumulatively).
“Monthly Rewards” Needs to be clicked by members to claim it, and a 30-day countdown begins after claiming (the amount of monthly rewards that can be claimed is the current level, and cannot be claimed in accumulation).

Where can I get the other latest news first?

Official website:
Official Facebook:
Official Instagram:


How to Apply Agent in OKEBET?

Please send your information by this page: Apply OKEBET Master Agent.

Where is agent backstage domain?

Agent backstage:

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